Bizignite Sponsor Program
The Sponsor Program is designed for professional groups, such as the SBDC, SCORE; education, such as high schools, colleges and universities with business and entrepreneur programs. The Sponsor Program is also for other advisers, consultants, mentors, counselors and other similar individuals & groups.

Bizignite is designed for entrepreneurs and start-ups to put their new business ideas into a business model and marketing / business plan. The process ensures they define the necessary information and can make a go / no-go decision at each step of the process.

As effective as Bizignite is, the entrepreneur needs help, guidance and a team to be successful. Through the Sponsor Program, groups are given the ability to provide Bizignite to their clients, under their [sponsor's] name, giving the sponsor default and exclusive access to the entrepreneur's plan, notifications of plan creation, etc
., and enable them to advise, mentor and counsel the entrepreneur in a highly secure cloud based environment.

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